Our Approach

Our mission is to make sustainably-grown cut flowers accessible to everyone.

Beautiful, scented and seasonal flowers grown in a way that is kind to the environment.

High-street flowers have one of the largest carbon footprints per £1 spent. Most are flown in, or grown with chemicals and heat. This has a profound impact on our environment.

We believe there is an alternative. Where we embrace the seasons and enjoy blooms when they naturally flower. Where flowers are a something to be treasured and not a commodity. Where we be kind to our natural habitats and work with nature, not against it. And where we give back to nature to grow healthy thriving soil.

We also believe flowers don’t always need to be imported. The carbon footprint of transportation is huge. So, 100% of our blooms are British grown, most of the time by us, but sometimes by other English growers. We also want to be a force for good. We give to humanitarian and conservation charities. And aim to create an environment that treats our staff well and pays them a living wage.

Our Story

Stem and Green began life in early 2021, by James Greig. It grew out of a frustration at the lack of affordable and sustainable English cut flowers.

The vision was simple. For more people to be able to enjoy the natural joy that flowers bring. And to be able to enjoy flowers that have been grown in an ethical and sustainable way.

Our Farm

Nestled in the beautiful Itchen Valley, outside the historic city of Winchester. We farm just under two acres of chalk downland.

We grow a wide range of traditional scented English garden flowers. Most of which you won’t find in conventional florist shops. 

Our flowers are naturally and seasonally grown. When nature intended, without lights, heating or chemicals. Though not registered organic, we follow all organic methods and principles.