Our Approach

Nature is a complex system which works in perfect harmony; we call this biodiversity.

For centuries we have grown flowers in harmony with nature. Taking crops we needed and leaving the land to recover. In an attempt to produce more we used chemicals, we took away hedge lines, created mega fields. It worked. We had greater crops, more food, more flowers, grown at cheaper cost. But the land paid the price, and we are now all paying the price. Some say in the UK we may only have 100 harvests left before the topsoil turns to dust.

We want to think again. We want to grow in-tune with nature.

Sustainably Grown

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising future generations ability to meet theirs. This is core to everything we do. By selling flowers direct to you from our farm - we cut out the miles a flower usually travels to and from markets. We grow according to the season. We don’t need heating or lights to force a plant to flower at the wrong time. We pick to order, so don’t need huge fridges to keep flowers fresh. We avoid creating waste – all our waste is composted to bring new life. And nothing we sell comes in plastic packaging. We grow in a way that avoids tilling or turning the soil, this sequesters or captures carbon in the soil. We feed the soil to generate a healthy biodiversity around us. We don’t do carbon offsetting, we don’t need to.

Freshly Picked

Fresh is best, so we hand pick to order. Your flowers are picked a day or so before you receive them, so will last a lot longer in your vase.

Our postal bouquets travel with the stems wrapped in a wet fabric, so stay hydrated and as fresh as possible.

Plastic Free

The floral industry uses plastic - from plant trays, compost bags to bouquet packaging. Often these are single use plastics which go to landfill. We want to create as little waste as possible.

We are also realistic about the benefits of plastic seed trays, pots and crates. So, we’re committed to re-using our trays and pots for as long as possible.

We’re committed to zero single-use plastic. You’ll never receive our flowers in a plastic wrapper or see us using miles of polythene wrap on the farm. All our packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, so if you receive some, pop it all in the compost.

Healthy Soil

Soil is incredible. We often call it mud or dirt, but in fact soil is a complex and wonderful living organism.

Soil is full of millions of living creatures. Healthy, happy soil gives us a healthy and happy produce, be it food or flowers.

So, we’re committed to making our soil as happy as it can be. The first step is to leave it alone and not churn it up. For years, farmers have ploughed, and gardeners have dug. We thought by making the soil light and fluffy, plant roots would find it easier to wriggle their way through it. But this isn’t the case. By turning the soil, we destroy the complex delicate structure.

So, we don’t dig - or No-Dig as it’s called. Each year we add a thick layer of nutrient packed compost onto the soil and let nature do the mixing. Next step is to ensure we never use a compost containing Peat. Peat is a finite resource and one of the greatest tools we have in combating climate change.

Peat sequests or absorbs carbon far better than any forest of trees. Peat should stay where it is. Our compost is peat-free and produced from waste from the biogas or forestry industry.

Chemical Free

Most mass-grown cut flowers are reliant on chemicals. From fertilizers and pest control to preservatives.

These can have an impact on the surrounding ecosystem and impact our health as we handle flowers. 

Gorgeous blooms can be grown without chemicals and by following organic principles. The core is to work with nature, to feed the soil, so it feeds the plants. To create habitats for friendly bugs who’ll feast on the ones we don't want so much. To create a balance.