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Hair Pin Flower Frog

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These are real gems and an essential part of our floral tool kit. These are the original hair pin frogs, still made in the same way since 1936. 

They help us create incredible foam-free arrangements, both on their own or teamed up with other mechanics.

The looped pin design gives great hold, but also the flexibility to manipulate the stems to where you want them. They are ideal for thicker and woody stems. A perfect alternative to floral foam and will last years if looked after. 

We fix them in place with a florists clay, which you can buy here.

Diameter: 2 inch/ 5.08 cm,  2.5 inch/ 6.35 cm 3 inch/ 7.62cm or Oval 3.75 inch/ 9.5cm

Made in the US by Floral Genius from lead and brass. 

Local Delivery

We deliver to SO21, SO22, SO23 and SO24 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Delivery cost will be calculated at the till. Please give 24hrs notice to cut and arrange your flowers.


Available for collection Tuesday - Saturday. Please give 24hrs notice to cut and arrange your


All our packaging is 100% plastic free and fully compostable or recyclable.

Care Instructions

To keep your flowers looking their best, arrange them in a clean vase with fresh water, place away from direct sunlight or heat and change the water every few days. We also recommend trimming the ends of the stems after a few days to help them draw up water.