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Twool - sustainable wool twine

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A favourite here at Stem and Green, we love this product so much. 

Twool is a really strong and versatile twine made from British wool. Ideal for gardening, floristry, craft or wrapping gifts - anything you'd normally use twine or string for. 

It comes from Devon, where the Twool team sources wool from the rare breed Whiteface Dartmoor Sheep. This promotes and protects one of Britain’s ancient breeds of sheep. The breed has been indigenous to Dartmoor since Saxon times.

All the sheep farmers used for Twool practise regenerative agriculture and good land management that promotes the environment. 

They also use low-impact dyes, which means less water is required and a lower impact on the environment. Low-impact dyes are generally considered eco-friendly and are often preferable to natural dyes.

A perfectly planet friendly alternative to imported jute twine. 


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All our packaging is 100% plastic free and fully compostable or recyclable.

Care Instructions

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